We always say one of the top ways to turn a house into a home is with plants — and this rings true for inside the home and outdoors — but we know many of you are renting or have limited garden space. With that in mind, we decided to chat to the experts to bring you the top 20 plants that love living in pots.

For those with just a humble outdoor space like a courtyard, patio or balcony, pot plants are a great alternative to adding colourful flowers and lush greenery to your place. But knowing which variety of plants will actually survive and thrive in pots can be tricky.

Never fear, our top 20 list has got you covered!

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Sun vs shade
First up, it’s important to note how much sun or shade your plants will get each day. This will play a big role in choosing the right plants for your space as some plants can handle a lot of sun, and others thrive in the shade.

The sun lovers
1. Herbs and vegetables
Not only do herbs and vegetables thrive in pots, they will also provide you with an abundance of deliciousness for your cooking!

Pot-loving herbs include basil, mint, parsley, thyme, coriander, bay laves and chives. For vegetables, go for spinach, silverbeet, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and capsicum.

Opt for concrete or terracotta pots when planting herbs and vegetables as they don’t heat up as much as plastic pots which can dry out your soil.